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Summer Concert Series? Community Picnic? Book the Keystone Band!

Choose from short engagements up to a 2-hour performance with soloists!

Ask our Business Manager, Michelle, for more information!

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If you’ve ever heard us play, you know the Keystone Band brings big sound and musicality to every performance! Comprised of talented members who rehearse weekly with the band, have studied music in post-secondary institutions, and play in a variety of ensembles, our musicians are up to the task of entertaining your audience!

With a music library of hundreds of pieces ranging from classical to contemporary, and patriotic to sacred, the Keystone Band is equipped to play any kind of event and for diverse audiences! Whether your event is an indoor fundraiser, an outdoor social, or a church picnic, we have selections that will guarantee your audiences will enjoy the event!

Ask us about booking the band!

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Questions & Answers

Q. When can I book the band? A. The Keystone Band performs June – September. We are excited to perform for your audiences during this season!

Q. What can I expect from the band? A. Good music and dad-jokes from our conductor, Matt. In all seriousness, you can book a bigger or smaller concert band depending on your event. More playing members produces a more robust sound, the opportunity for vocal or instrumental soloists and the inclusion of those “tougher” pieces.

Q. What type of music do you play? A. All types! Each year we add several new pieces to our repertoire! We love marches, patriotic – medleys, broadway show-tunes, jazz, sacred hymns, classical and modern composers, and even video game scores!

Q. Booking the band seems expensive, what is the cost? A. We know that everyone has a budget, so the band has several options based on your venue and audience. Sometimes, we even have patrons who help to sponsor concerts! Generally speaking, however, the booking fee for the band ranges from $600 – $1300. We’re worth it, we promise! We encourage you to reach out for more information!

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